The world’s brightest flashlight MS18


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  • The world’s brightest flashlight, Up to 100,000 Lumens;





  • 18 pieces of American CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs





  • IP-56 standard waterproof;

  • Longest Beam distance flashligt: 1350 meters;

  • It is the strongest flashlights on the market;



Shop IMALENT MS18 at The IMALENT MS18 Ambassador of Light is officially the world’s brightest flashlight. Tame the sun with 100,000 lumens in your hands. If you want the brightest flashlight you can buy then this is it. There’s no point looking around for other super-bright flashlights as the MS18 will beat them all, turning night into day. When you activate the MS18’s turbo mode with a double click of the button then you will be blown away. 100,000 lm is so bright it’s difficult to imagine. A light bulb in a room is less than 1000 lumens, so the IMALENT MS18 is brighter than 100 light bulbs! As the most powerful flashlight in the world, The IMALENT MS18 is so bright because it uses CREE’s brightest Extreme-High-Power LEDs, the CREE XHP70.2 with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Some flashlights have just 1 of these and are considered bright but the MS18 has 18 of them. Once you see the raw power of 100,000 lumens then all other lights will pale in comparison and you won’t want anything less than the world’s brightest flashlight. Don’t worry if you’re afraid of the dark: when you have the IMALENT MS18 then the darkness has no place to hide. As well as being brighter than any other flashlight in the world, the IMALENT MS18 has a long-range of 1350m. Not only can the MS18 light up a large field like daytime but it can also light up objects almost a mile away. This makes the MS18 great for all kinds of outdoor activities like search and rescue and hunting. The MS18 is waterproof to IP56 and has impact resistance to 1.5m, so can be used in all weather and terrains. The MS18 has a built-in heat pipe radiator and silent inlet and outlet fan. These provide excellent heat dissipation, allowing the MS18 to maintain high lumen output for hours. The included 32,000mAh battery pack uses 8 21700 li-ion cells and can power the MS18 for over 14 hours. The MS18 is practical with its 8 different brightness modes from 700 lm all the way up to turbo’s 100,000 lm, as well as a blinding strobe mode. The multi-functional OLED display shows you what brightness setting you’re on and how charged the battery pack is. The IMALENT MS18 comes in a carry case. The flashlight can easily be used with one hand but the package includes a shoulder strap for extended use. Also included is a high-power charger, allowing you to charge the light in just a few hours. There’s no other flashlight on earth like the IMALENT MS18. If you want the brightest flashlight then the MS18 is what you need.


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