IMALENT R30C 9000 lumens flashlight


IMALENT R30C is a palm-sized tiny monster EDC flashlight with outstanding performance.

IMALENT R30C 9000LUMENS FLASHLIGHT Powered by one high drain 21700 Li-ion battery with built-in Type-C USB charging,

it emits a max of 9000 lumens and beams distance of 560 meters.

Using a Type-C USB rechargeable 4000mAh 21700 lithium…



The IMALENT R30C is an incredibly high-power EDC flashlight, giving 9000 lumens with an abeam distance of 560 meters. No other EDC flashlight combines this much brightness with an along with distance throw that allows you to see almost half a mile away. 9000 lumens is easily enough for any outdoor activity, like search and rescue, caving, fishing, or hunting. The palm-sized IMALENT R30C is just 4.5 inches long with a body that’s barely over an inch in diameter. You’ll be amazed at how much light comes from something so small. Most EDCflashlights either give you lots of lumens or a long beam distance. With the R30C you get both, thanks to the 3 American-made SST70 LEDs. With 2 quick clicks of the switch, theR30C will light up all around you and also light up far into the distance. The IMALENT R30C has quick access to turbo and strobe, so works well for professionals like law enforcement officers and for security. With the R30C by your side, your friends and work colleagues will even be impressed with the 2300 lumen middle mode. When you show them 5000 lumens from the high mode and then turbo’s amazing 9000 lumens they’ll be shocked and won’t know what to say! The high-strength aluminum IMALENT R30C is 2 meters waterproof (IPX8) and 1.5m impact-resistant, so will work wherever you need it to. The oxidation-resistant body is easy to grip too. A high drain of 21700 li-ion cells is provided with the R30C. This battery has a capacity of4000mAh and can run the R30C for up to 20 hours at a time. The battery also has fast USB-C charging, so can be charged anywhere. The 6 different modes mean you can choose between low brightness for up-close work or extreme power to make it look like day.


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